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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Acteos WMS is a complete fully integrated modular solution to manage customers’ warehouses. It brings efficiency and flexibility and constantly optimzes your inventory levels and resources. Acteos relies on a 25 years experience in warehouses management experience. Acteos WMS gathers many modules and professional functions, that will boost the performance of your warehouse, the logistical center of your supply chain.

Acteos WMS is a 2.0 warehouse management system solution, available in SaaS or license based.

It allows you to:

  • Manage all resources of the warehouse (dock, processors, operators, places, mechanized systems…)
  • Make real time improvement of all activities to satisfy priorities and emergencies
  • Decrease reception and product shipping times
  • Increase flexibility and responsiveness to the processes (multicanal, load variation, contingencies…)
  • Warrant the full traceability of products, activities and operators
  • Forecast and schedule all your resources needs

Morever, Acteos WMS can be interfaced not only with all the Auto-ID technologies (RFID, barcodes, wireless, voice recognition…), but also with the storage, handling and preparation technologies (AVG, WCS, conveyors, sorters, pick to light, miniloads, retrievers…).

Warehouse Management by Acteos : Features & Benefits

Key Features
  • Efficient project management for a fast and safe roll-out
  • A wide range of actions and specialized plug-ins
  • One of the most efficient and rugged software solution on the market
  • One of the software withe the lowest total Costs of Ownership (TCO) of the market
Receiving Management
  • Pre-receiving: inbounds and stock on order (manual or through interfaces as ERP / CAMM)
  • Arrivals and departures management for the carriers
  • Batch Control and tracking, best-before date, use-by date, FIFO, numbering (paletts, crates, boxes)
  • Quality control, refurbishing, customers feed-back
  • Edition of barecode labels, SSCC tracking
  • Incrementation of the stock at the validation of the reception
  • Simplified radio hand operation by DESADV
Storage and Inventory

Independently from the size of your organization, Acteos WMS organizes every process and activity for storage and inventory management:

  • Manual or automatic addressing, ABC turnover addressing, batch gathering addressing, temperature addressing, compatible products addressing, physical constraints
  • Integration of many parameters such as: size, weight, stacking
  • Reference locking and unlocking management for quality problems, and quarantine
  • Perpetual or annual inventory assessment, and replenishment
  • Multi-owner inventory, multi-sites
  • Warehouse map management and topography change management
  • Auto-incremented inventory after reception validation
  • Product class definition, inventory optimization strategy (turnover classes, replenishment threshold of the picking stock…).
Forecasting & Replenishment
  • Productivity Management
  • Planned load forecasting
  • Resources needs forecasting
  • Dynamic load planning
Preparation / Picking

Acteos WMS can run any preparation process both modes single and multi-channel

  • Launch orders to be prepared (multi-criterion selection), load calculation
  • Dispatch for operators and progression follow up
  • Preparation circuits optimization, containers optimization, preparation statistics
  • Cross-docking (interception and allotment)
  • Packing, picking preparation, retail preparation, full pallets preparation, mechanized preparation, multi-customer, multidestination
  • Customer constraints managemement
  • Labelling, slotting
  • Vocal, radio, paper, mechanized picking / pick to Light
Shipping / Loading

Acteos WMS simplifies and accelerates your shippings:

  • Logistical units optimization for shipping
  • Load control by vehicle / pallet identification
  • Load control by vehicle / pallet identification
  • Shipping documents edition / Carrier EDI
  • ERP and TMS interfaces
  • SSCC Track & Trace / shipments history

Acteos WMS leads you beyond your warehouse limits:

  • Carriers appointments
  • Dock / Yard Management (YMS)
Business Intelligence

Acteos WMS provides you with a clear overview of your warehouse activity

  • Dashboard and KPIs
  • Smart and real time optimization / dispatch of every mission
  • Real time validation and control of any movement inside the warehouse
  • Productivity follow-up, trends and gaps
  • Can be connected to any data acquisition device (Auto-ID / RFID)

Other Solutions:

Acteos WMS brochure available now!

What Our Clients Say

  • "In general, our computer tools allow us a more secure production more flexible with extremely fine traceability, almost to the bottle. The primary objective of our choice of RFID, it is the quality of the product. With RFID, we know where the lots are in real time! "

  • "We firstly chose Acteos for the modularity and scalability of its solutions. Secondly, for its SCM expertise especially on warehouse perimeters and supplies. Transparency and soundness of a publicly traded group were also part of the reasons for choosing Acteos because we wanted to work in the long term with our new partner. "

  • "We´ve had very fast return on investment since Acteos TMS enabled us to run transportation simulations built on powerful statistics. The simulations enabled us to challenge carriers to be able to study our shipments to certain regions. Our cost reductions were significant from - 30 to - 40%! "

  • "We quickly selected Acteos TMS because it is one of the most scalable and adaptable solutions to a multi-site logistics on the market."

    Mr Bricolage
  • "The answer both multi-site and multi-shipments problems could only come from a well-proven solution already on the market; a scalable solution as Acteos TMS."

  • "We chose Acteos WMS and TMS because Acteos offers the best solutions on the market to control all of our Warehouse and Transportation flows. Beyond functional coverage Acteos WMS and TMS are perfectly suited to the specific constraints of our industry."


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