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Acteos Hotline

In every Supply Chain software investment, the project really begins the day it goes live.

In that phase of products life-cycles, is then essential to bring our customers permanent support, technical and business help, operational advice, follow-up and reactivity that allow them to focus on their business.

Our “Hotline” services are not basic support. They represent a set of advanced services to cover every customer needs after the launch of their projects.

  • Hotline services
  • On call services
  • Hardware after sales
  • Certified technical center
  • Supervision and monitoring
  • Extranet
  • Training / on demand consulting

Acteos Hotline, The serenity insurance for your Supply Chain solutions:

  • Wide time slots
  • A skilled and dedicated team trained in our products, SCM business and technical knowledge
  • 3 levels of warnings
  • Real time follow-up by the customer (acknowledgements, statistics)
  • A permanent link with your project manager
  • On call services / available teams in the evening and weekends
  • A dedicated phone number for every customers
  • Advanced customer relationship management and history.

Acteos offers you 20 years of experience in the maintenance of complex information systems and data acquisition materials.

Connected with our Acteos Mobility team, our hotline team is skills in hardware, networks, and also mobile solutions / devices maintaining

  • Certified technical center (by hardware providers)
  • Extranet for hardware equipment follow-up (history, repairs, incidents, exchanges, warranties)
  • Available loan material
  • Express diagnosis
  • Replacement equipment delivery
  • Mass software deployment on hardware
Acteos proposes you a proactive support through the supervision of your activity.

Acteos supervision is a set of methods and tools allowing us to:

  • Perform a real time follow up of your SCM activity (warehouse, transport)
  • Measure keys indicators (business, technical and strategic KPI)
  • Trigger preventive warnings and remediation actions.

It relies on dashboards and indictors specially designed by Acteos to check activity running.

After your SCM project goes live, starts your real activity.

ACTEOS stays by your side in the following months :

  • To bring you further trainings
  • To verify the best use and handling of Acteos solutions
  • To measure your return on investment (ROI) and project goals

These steps are performed by our support service reinforced by Acteos consulting services.

Acteos is one of the first SCM Editors to offer you a real time extranet to follow up its internal activities.

This Acteos extranet offers transparency to our customers, providing them relevant functions and a single information point :

  • List of all opened support incidents
  • List of bug fixes, request for changes, evolutions, work in progress
  • Status of each customer project
  • Communication tools
  • Deliveries and package status / warnings – mail alerts
  • lead times for customers requests
  • hotline service levels / calls
  • Customizable and ergonomic Interface (web 2.0 portal)

What Our Clients Say

  • "In general, our computer tools allow us a more secure production more flexible with extremely fine traceability, almost to the bottle. The primary objective of our choice of RFID, it is the quality of the product. With RFID, we know where the lots are in real time! "

  • "We firstly chose Acteos for the modularity and scalability of its solutions. Secondly, for its SCM expertise especially on warehouse perimeters and supplies. Transparency and soundness of a publicly traded group were also part of the reasons for choosing Acteos because we wanted to work in the long term with our new partner. "

  • "We´ve had very fast return on investment since Acteos TMS enabled us to run transportation simulations built on powerful statistics. The simulations enabled us to challenge carriers to be able to study our shipments to certain regions. Our cost reductions were significant from - 30 to - 40%! "

  • "We quickly selected Acteos TMS because it is one of the most scalable and adaptable solutions to a multi-site logistics on the market."

    Mr Bricolage
  • "The answer both multi-site and multi-shipments problems could only come from a well-proven solution already on the market; a scalable solution as Acteos TMS."

  • "We chose Acteos WMS and TMS because Acteos offers the best solutions on the market to control all of our Warehouse and Transportation flows. Beyond functional coverage Acteos WMS and TMS are perfectly suited to the specific constraints of our industry."


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