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Data acquisition expert and wireless technologies

Acteos Mobile Solutions

SCM efficiency relies on the quality of the data transmitted at every level. Hardware integration, Track & Trace, Mobility, Wirelesse security, printing, vocal solutions, RFID, help desk are some of our major skills.

Acteos Mobility improves your competitiveness and your performance; providing you smart solutions to get and communicate data, wherever you are (warehouse, point of sales, trucks…) :

  • Wireless and mobility consulting and valuation
  • Network, architecture and wiring studies / certifications
  • Mobile solutions and Mobile developments
  • Project Management
  • Deployment, technology integration, software and hardware set up and tuning
  • Hotline, help Desk, hardware fixing, customer extranet

Acteos has been an expert in wireless data acquisition and transmission. We manage your projects from site studies, design, feasability, to integration, deployment and system supervision.

What Our Clients Say

  • "We´ve had very fast return on investment since Acteos TMS enabled us to run transportation simulations built on powerful statistics. The simulations enabled us to challenge carriers to be able to study our shipments to certain regions. Our cost reductions were significant from - 30 to - 40%! "

  • "Our new industrial tool and finesse of control that is being offered by our new information system has allowed us, among other things, to reduce our load time by 42%, our bill waiting time of 83% and back to our service rate to 98.9%. "

    Saint Gobain

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