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Acteos Software as a Service (SAAS)

Acteos proposes to its customers to use Supply Chain software in a SaaS Mode (Software as a Service)
Users only need a single web browser to access hosted applications.

This offers many advantages :

  • Real time and more frequent updates of the software
  • Reduced customer investments and faster ROI (return on investment)
  • Customer focuses on business aspects of the project, not on technical issues.
  • Provides a highly secure technical platform driven by Acteos
  • New supply chain web services only available online and shared among users
Acteos has selected for SaaS architecture some partners among the most reliable and secure hosting centers in Europe.

Those centers (such as the IBM one in Montpellier – FR) provide :

  • Full redundant architectures
  • Best Hardware selection and Brands (servers, network)
  • Real time supervision and monitoring
  • High speed bandwidth / multi – ISP
  • Experts and top skilled technicians H24 / 7 days
Our Technical Platform can easily evolve thanks to its virtual Architecture

We do adapt proactively resources (processor, disk space, memory…) to your real needs in order to warrant you a constant quality of service (QOS) and a nice user experience of our products.

This resources adjustement is made with invisible methods so the user never feels slowed while using applications.

Your data located in our servers are stored using the best tools and conditions

The access to the SaaS Platform and data exchanges (interfaces) with your systems are highly securized (SFTP, VPN, HTTPS…)

Confidentiality is both warranted by our technical protocols and contratcs.

Since externalize your business applications requires guaranties and since your need to be sure of application online performances, Acteos commits to provide you high service levels and availability of its SaaS services.

The technical design of our technical platfom provides you a high SLA (Service level Agreement)

Availability and performance of our platform will provide you a comfortable use or our solution and thus, everywhere.

Applications available in web mode accelerates deployment and simplify access.

Users only need a simple web browser to use our softare online (+ some simple reading tools such as Adobe Acrobat reader)

The data exchanges between your information system and the SaaS platform will be organized through simple and high secure protocols.

SaaS Mode allows us to update frequently the overall customers applications hosted in the platform.

You will have the most recent innovations and functionnnalities added to your environment.

Our Cloud computing approach will also allow you to add module by module new services to your online application.

What Our Clients Say

  • "In general, our computer tools allow us a more secure production more flexible with extremely fine traceability, almost to the bottle. The primary objective of our choice of RFID, it is the quality of the product. With RFID, we know where the lots are in real time! "

  • "We firstly chose Acteos for the modularity and scalability of its solutions. Secondly, for its SCM expertise especially on warehouse perimeters and supplies. Transparency and soundness of a publicly traded group were also part of the reasons for choosing Acteos because we wanted to work in the long term with our new partner. "

  • "We´ve had very fast return on investment since Acteos TMS enabled us to run transportation simulations built on powerful statistics. The simulations enabled us to challenge carriers to be able to study our shipments to certain regions. Our cost reductions were significant from - 30 to - 40%! "

  • "We quickly selected Acteos TMS because it is one of the most scalable and adaptable solutions to a multi-site logistics on the market."

    Mr Bricolage
  • "The answer both multi-site and multi-shipments problems could only come from a well-proven solution already on the market; a scalable solution as Acteos TMS."

  • "We chose Acteos WMS and TMS because Acteos offers the best solutions on the market to control all of our Warehouse and Transportation flows. Beyond functional coverage Acteos WMS and TMS are perfectly suited to the specific constraints of our industry."


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