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Acteos at a glance !

Acteos is a French ISV (Independant software Vendor) in the field of supply chain management and mobile solutions. Acteos and its team of business and technical experts, offers worldwide services to support customer in every project step : from project initiating, untill operation monitoring and ROI control.

  • A European group focus on its customers
  • A unique approach for your challenges
  • An experienced integration Know-How
  • An innovation strategy
  • An unparalleled approach for your challenges
  • Customer service as the heart of our priorities

A European group focusing on its customers

Founded in 1986 and listed at the Paris Stock Exchange Euronext, Acteos group, made up of 120 employees, is located in France (Headquarters in Roubaix), Germany (Gilching) and Lebanon (Beirut).

More than 350 customers around the world have already trusted ACTEOS concepts, solutions and technologies to reach their SCM goals and increase competitiveness.

A unique approach for your challenges

We are not only trying to set up a solution; we work with you to achieve your SCM goals. Our consulting team combines expertise (transportation, warehouse, procurement, track and trace, resource management) training and business intelligence to get the best practices. Our approach ensures the highest return on investment and can be the cornerstone of your competitive strategy. We are convinced that the challenges of the Supply Chain are to  :

  • Decrease your costs, your financial assets, reduce inventory and lead time
  • Increase customer satisfaction, choice, and availability of products
  • Master all human resources, and all of the logistics flows
  • Control the life cycle of your products (traceability, quality, control, returns)
  • Take into consideration the global environmental, legal and societal constraints

An experienced integration Know-How

At the beginning, Acteos was an Hardware designer. Acteos has kept from this period the ability to perform complex technical integration projects including :

  • Server and mobile software solutions, single and multi-site
  • Set up / wiring / technical settings of logistics environements
  • Selection and settings of data acquisition solutions (terminals, wireless, RFID, Voice)
  • Network solutions and systems to host applications (servers, networks, architectures, DRP)
  • Coordination of multiple partners (Mechanization Project)

An Innovation Strategy

For over 20 years, Acteos wants to remain a pioneer in the SCM field. Our R & D team works with leading European universities on research programs directly applied to the logistics performance of our customers. We develop and integrate in software our own powerful smart engines that make the difference with other solutions available on the market :

  • Real-time engines for management and steering of the SCM activity
  • Tour optimization engines , transportation optimization
  • Forecasting and procurement engines
  • Distribution resource planning engines

An unparalleled approach for your challenges

Acteos is one of the few French ISV that has performed, with IBM, a high level benchmark of its own solutions. the results showed in 2009 a controlled performance and stability of our products up to extreme loads. (Millions of orders, thousands of simultaneous users..)

Acteos is also one of the first European ISV to have all of its application code audited by an independent software quality expert.

Customer service as the heart of our priorities

The success of a project cannot be declared when exploitation starts. Acteos knows it and makes every effort to ensure that its customers have a complete services range throughout the Life-cycle of the application.

  • 3 Level Helpdesk / shift / supervision and monitoring
  • post Project consulting support / PKI and goals control / impact analysis
  • change management / training center
  • transparency for customers / (real-time extranet – project activity and help desk progression visibility)
  • after-sales-service for hardware – certified technical center

Client's Say

  • "In general, our computer tools allow us a more secure production more flexible with extremely fine traceability, almost to the bottle. The primary objective of our choice of RFID, it is the quality of the product. With RFID, we know where the lots are in real time! "

  • "We firstly chose Acteos for the modularity and scalability of its solutions. Secondly, for its SCM expertise especially on warehouse perimeters and supplies. Transparency and soundness of a publicly traded group were also part of the reasons for choosing Acteos because we wanted to work in the long term with our new partner. "

  • "We´ve had very fast return on investment since Acteos TMS enabled us to run transportation simulations built on powerful statistics. The simulations enabled us to challenge carriers to be able to study our shipments to certain regions. Our cost reductions were significant from - 30 to - 40%! "

  • "We quickly selected Acteos TMS because it is one of the most scalable and adaptable solutions to a multi-site logistics on the market."

    Mr Bricolage
  • "The answer both multi-site and multi-shipments problems could only come from a well-proven solution already on the market; a scalable solution as Acteos TMS."

  • "We chose Acteos WMS and TMS because Acteos offers the best solutions on the market to control all of our Warehouse and Transportation flows. Beyond functional coverage Acteos WMS and TMS are perfectly suited to the specific constraints of our industry."


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